There Really Are Secrets of Persuasion and Influence That Can Help You To Change
Your Business And Your Life From The Moment They’re Revealed And You Start Using Them

 If you haven’t yet found the freedom, success, and profit that you’ve been looking for, then commit to changing everything by becoming both more persuasive, trusted, and more influential each and every day and in more and more areas of your life….almost effortlessly. 

  • Why do you want to be more persuasive and in what areas of your life?
  • How would your life be different if you were more influential?
  • How would your marketing, sales, personal interactions be more effective and enjoyable?

If you’ve thought about any one or more of these questions, then you probably know that there are times in your life when you just cannot seem to get your point across, to influence a person who is important to you, or when you just need some help with your marketing, sales and copy.

I’ve spent my life (from the time I first learned some of these techniques as I was learning to be an interrogator) being fascinated by the questions of how people – men, women and children (I have three great kids) make decisions, choices, and how they select behaviors and learn to feel trust.

And, as time has gone by, I’ve became more convinced than ever, that becoming a better persuader, and becoming more influential is vitally important to having the kind of life I I have always desired.

Becoming ethically persuasive and more influential has allowed me to:

  • Radically improve my business and profitability through marketing and referrals
  • Made my business and professional practice run more smoothly, with less time and direction from me –thanks to improved systems and communication
  • Recruit the business team of my dreams who help me to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves
  • Make my relationships better – while I’ve been married for 30 years and give my wife credit for being the most patient person on earth, I do better now than ever before
  • Get more and more referrals from happier and happier customers and clients
  • Spend less time directly managing my business and seeing my staff and clients feel better about our products and services
  • Have less stress, and more of what I want out of life
  • Do more with less – and to have a richer business and life for it
  • To give clients, customers, consulting clients, friends, and loved ones more of what they want, and more and more value

But, it wasn’t always this way.

When I was young, I got frustrated easily at my inability to make others really understand what I was thinking, what I wanted, and what I needed. I didn’t know how to easily discover what my friends, family members and others really wanted so that I could help them to get it. And I couldn’t communicate my wants, desires, and needs in any effective way. I was frustrated by my inability to clearly know what I wanted and to get it. Eventually, I became a frustrated kid with many negative beliefs despite the truly great life that I had lived already.

In fact, it wasn’t until I left home at the ripe old age of 16 that I felt that I could start over. I lived in a country far from home. New Zealand. No one knew me, and I wasn’t stuck being the unpersuasive and difficult young man that I had become. I felt like I could be another person. People had no preconceived notions of who I was.

It was about the same time, that I started to read about human nature, psychology and decision making. I read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (still a great place to start a journey of becoming more influential) and notice that a few changes in my behavior and outlook on life made people more drawn to me, more likely to listen to me, and made me more respected, trusted, and looked to by adults, peers, and the opposite sex alike.

The more I learned, the more persuasive I became, the more people loved to be around me, the more I helped them, and the more influential I became. When I return to the US – still a kid – I went to college when kids my age were in high school, and once again found that me new skills an beliefs transformed my experience for the better.

Only a few years later, while still in college, I was recruited, and became involved in a project that catapulted my skills as I formally learned to gather information, to interrogate and persuade others.

Once again, as my skills radically increased and as I learned to apply them for good rather than evil, my life got better, my relationships improved, I got more of what I wanted, needed and sought in life and I got it by understanding how to change my beliefs (that were holding me back) and to help others to change beliefs and to get more of what they wanted, often with less effort than they ever thought possible.

I also went to law school and learned persuasion and influence from yet another perspective while I also learned from an FBI hostage negotiator how to be persuasive under pressure.

After awhile, I became great at what we now call Enhanced Persuasion™ and Enhanced Influence™. But being effective became even more beneficial when I started to study the new science surrounding why these strategies, techniques, and skills really worked.

You see, neuro science is now, through the use of blood chemistry, functional MRIs and PET scans of the brain, finally proving why some techniques work, and how to enhance them even more.

So, once I became aware of the science, I set out to really understand how these skills were applied in:

  • Sales
  • Relationships and dating
  • Marketing
  • Business and management
  • And in many other walks of life

And after interviewing hundreds of experts in many fields, I wrote a book on this topic for parents and grandparents that has helped thousands of readers to transform their personal lives and relationships. That book was The Language of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships At All Ages.

Steve Forbes, the Editor-In-Chief of Forbes magazine called me a “Grand Master” of communications skills when he reviewed that book.

And parents all over the world have called, written and told me that this book transformed their interactions with family members AND their businesses.

You see, throughout time, great persuaders, communicators, and influencers – across disciplines ranging from spiritual leaders and educators, to politicians, marketers, and sales people, have sensed that there are skills and ways of doing things that work hundreds to thousands of times better than other behaviors. We all know this instinctively – There are simply times when we’re great at being persuasive, building trust, and in helping others.

But, we seem to be great at it one day, and a total failure the next.

What if you could learn exactly what was working and why?

What of you could regularly be as persuasive and influential as you are in those moments of brilliance that we all have?

Could that help you to magically begin to transform a business or professional practice? Would you have a better personal life?

Would it be richer in love, relationships, wealth and freedom? Would you finally achieve the freedom that you’ve been searching for?

Would being more influential cause more people to refer you, your products and services?

It would do all of those things and more.

Lately, I have been teaching these skills. And getting rave reviews from people who learn them.

Now no one really wants to learn a new skill. We all want what the new skill will help us to achieve. So, I’ve designed this training program to make the acquisition and the use of these skills as simple and effortless as possible. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just watch a few of the video testimonials alsong the side of this page to see how other people have benefitted from these ideas.

I have also been appearing on radio, television and speaking frequently to audiences of business men and women, entrepreneurs, and executives, who have been spending their own hard earned money, in difficult financial times to take their businesses and practices to a whole new level of profitability and their lives to a whole new level of personal and financial freedom.

These speeches are fun, profitable, and personally rewarding. But you can only teach so much in 60 to 90 minutes.

For that reason, I have developed a way for you to learn the skills of persuasion and influence, of building trust, and of how to apply these skills to business and to your personal life, at your own pace, and privately – without having to travel to learn from me.

Now I’d love you to come to one of my mastermind events, or to be an elite private coaching member. And if you want more information on either of those programs, call Lisa at 610-933-8069 and mention Persuasion2Profit to get the best pricing available on those programs. But not everyone has the time or ability to take off of work to do this. And not everybody qualifies to be in those programs because we want to make sure that they are worth the money to you and that you’ll succeed.

Although, that alone should tell you something. There are more people who want this coaching than I can currently accommodate.

If you feel like you can’t even tear away for a day or two to improve your skills, your life, and your business, you might be a captive of your business rather than building a business that offers you personal freedom.

In any case, Persuasion2Profit is a fantastic starting point for building more persuasive skills, better marketing and sales, and to becoming more influential and trusted.

 “It is going to change how I interact with my patients on a day to day basis…” Doctor Ellen Paulen, Richmond, Virginia 

 “I wanted to give a testimonial, but everybody has been so impressed with Dave that I had to wait my turn standing in line…” Attorney John Harris, Fredericksburg, Virginia 

 “Dave delivers fresh, inspiring, utterly actionable persuasion skills training.Perry Marshall, Chicago, Illinois 

So if you’re ready to learn the specific strategies, skills and techniques used by master persuaders, marketers, copyrighters, interrogators and hostage negotiators. And, if you are ready to apply these skills to transform your business and personal life, and to get more of the freedom, and less of the stress, anxiety and hassle that happens in your current everyday life, then I’m going to give you the chance to start right now, without any risk on your part.

Here’s the risk free, and guaranteed offer.

When you order Persuasion2Profit, we’ll immediately send you an email link to an hour long program that I gave on persuasion, trust and influence for lawyers. That’s my gift to you.

Within a few days, the entire program will be shipped to you. This will include six cds that can be played in the car or at home or can be added to your I Tunes playlist. If you prefer to read them, I’m sending you the transcripts as well.

Each cd walks you through the specific strategies, skills, tricks and techniques based on human biology, that you’ll need to become consistently, and effortlessly more and more persuasive, trusted and influential each day.

Better yet, these skills are more or less installed in your brain through the program.

And, as a bonus I’ll send you a hard copy of my persuasion book, and five bonus hypnotic cds. These cds  cannot be listened to in the car  because they send you into a deep trance state. But, they will instantly create improvement in stress reduction, creativity, wealth attraction, and in may other areas of your life.

I sell these bonuses separately for more than you’ll pay for this entire course.

So, if that’s true, why do I give them away for free here?

Simple. I really believe in the persuasion to profit program. And, if you’re like me, you like WORTHWHILE ideas, materials, training and strategies for free.

But, when you sell something over the internet to people who have never met you, or heard you speak, you have to overcome their natural suspicion, and a healthy pessimism about what they are buying.

I get that,

I am a big believer in constant learning. I spend thousands of dollars on self improvement, courses, seminars, and programs like this one.

And, I am often disappointed in the products, seminars or programs even though I need just one great idea or tool to make money or to get more of what I want.

But when I really feel that the persona selling me a product or service, is looking out for my best interest, and they are going the extra mile to make the experience good for me and risk free, I am rarely disappointed and usually have a great experience.

I want you to have a great experience.

I want you to know that there is no risk to you.

If I do a great job with this product I might see you at one or more of my programs. You might buy other products or services, and if I consistently deliver just what you want and need in your search for business and personal success and freedom, that will be mutually beneficial.

You can return the program if you want to…but you won’t because I am packing this deal with loads of great bonuses, awesome content, and really effective information.

If you use any one of the techniques I teach, you should be able to improve sales and pay for the program and have some additional profit almost immediately.

But what if that’s not true? What if I’m wrong?

I’m still sure that you can transform the way you interact with friends, a lover, kids, coworkers or others in such a profound way, that you’ll feel that the program was well worth the price.

But, in any case, I’m taking all the risk away.


If you’re not convinced, you have 90 days to review it, and return it if it doesn’t perform for you. And, you can keep all of the hypnotic bonus cds as my way of saying thanks for trying Persuasion2Profit.

Now if you’re even thinking about returning it, I suggest you just skip it.

Don’t buy. Wait until you’re more sure that it’s the right time.

Either the ideas and information should be appealing and make you feel sure that you want these results or not. If you’re not convinced, just pass. I don’t want you to go to the trouble of packing it up, feeling disappointed, and returning it. And, if you’re thinking I’ll get it, use it and return it without paying for it, then it probably won’t work because you’re coming at the program from a perspective of taking from others not learning how to be truly more influential and beneficial to others.

I only want you to buy if your certain from all that you have read, that you can use this information to begin getting more of what you want and need in life, giving clients and customer more value than ever before, and in enjoying a new level of personal and professional relationships.

If you feel that way, then order and know that unless you’re totally pleased, that you can just return the thing. No questions asked.

And you can keep the bonuses – which are awesome.

Ready to take the plunge and become more persuasive AND influential?


Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about Persuasion2Profit.

Dave Frees

P.S. For any customer service needs call Lisa in my office at 610-933-8069. You can also reach us by mail at P.O. Box 507 Malvern, Pa 19355

P.P.S. If you’re not totally satisfied return the program within 90 days – no questions asked- and keep the bonuses as our gift to you.

P.P.P.S. Want to see a sample technique to be sure that this program is for you? See me teach the Six Word Question here.

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